Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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Watch Your Elbows!

So, we have already established that I am not, nor was I ever, the athletic type. And we have also established that Jordyn definitely didn't get her sports ability from me (biologically, quite impossible) but still...

Basketball season has begun. Jordyn plays hard and she plays well. She doesn't take much crud on the court. As I watch her play, I am taken back to my very short-lived basketball-playing days in high school.

I wasn't the competitive type. Sure, I liked to win, but I always felt bad for the other team.

"I mean, can we just play and have fun and not keep score? Anyone?"

I didn't really want to get the ball. I mean, it would be great to get the ball and make a basket and score for your team. But, when you get the ball, there's a chance you won't make a basket either... and I never wanted to let my team down.

Whisper in my head... "Please don't throw me the ball... please don't throw me the ball.... please don't throw me -- oh thank you for not throwing me the ball."

I wasn't the toughest girl by any means. I didn't want to get hurt, and I surely didn't want to hurt anyone else.

"Oh, did my elbow bump your arm? It didn't hurt, did it?"

Not exactly the attitude you need to get the rebound, Carin.

So, as I watch Jordyn, I am torn. Obviously I want Jordyn to play well, and playing well sometimes means playing tough (fair, but tough.)

But, as Jeremy sits there, puffing out his chest when Jordyn gets aggressive on the court, I can't help but think, "Way to go Jordyn!! But please... watch your elbows!"

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