Fall 2012

Fall 2012
[learning to live a perfectly imperfect life]


She turned six.

At first, her little brother had trouble understanding it was her day for presents.

But she saw him trying hard to be a big kid,

so she let him help open a few of her presents.

She checked out her new Viewfinder,

posed with her adorable little purse,

showed everyone her new movies,

and held up her new doll (that giggles and drinks a bottle and says "mama") for all to see.

When it was time for cake,

she smiled,

and laughed,

and reminded everyone at the party what a fun personality she has.

When everyone sang "Happy Birthday," she got a little shy,

quickly blew out the candles,

and wasted no time in devouring her piece of birthday cake.

Now, she is six....

and she couldn't be more loved.


Bethany said...

So cute! Happy birthday sweetie ... and I love the cake! And Carin, YOU are in the pictures! How did ya pull that one off?! LOL

Anonymous said...

Super Cute pictures! Looks like a fun party - adorable cake! You are very talented that is for sure!

happy birthday, Rylee!

Sharon W.