Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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Dear President Obama,

Congratulations, President Obama! Receiving the Nobel Peace Prize is an incredible honor!

You see, I had my DVR set to tape the Early Show on CBS this morning. However, it's wasn't set to tape you. (No offense Mr. President.) I was actually waiting to see a story in which my daughter's picture may appear. Though she may someday receive the Nobel Peace Prize, her story had nothing to do with your award. It was actually a story about capes.

Yes, that's right. Capes.

I have been waiting for a story to air. Every time I hear that it's going to air, I send out messages to all of our friends and family, asking them to watch.

And each time, something comes up. And the story is bumped.

Now, I do agree whole-heartedly that you winning the Nobel Peace Prize is definitely newsworthy. Much more newsworthy than recent stories about... well, I won't get into that.

However, many people are excited to see this story about capes.

So, just a quick favor... something that would take just a moment of your time -- I think you could squeeze it in, say, between your speech about the Nobel Peace Prize, and your flight to Ghana to save starving children.

Can you pull some strings at The Early Show and see if our story could run tomorrow? Or even next week sometime? I would really appreciate it -- as would my family and friends, who by now must be thinking that there really is no story about capes, and that I'm just fooling them all.

Again, congrats Mr. President. And thanks in advance for the favor.