Fall 2012

Fall 2012
[learning to live a perfectly imperfect life]

What You Get

This is

what you get

when your 6-year-old

finds the camera of

your 15-year-old

on the kitchen counter.


Rachel said...

I think she did pretty well for SIX!

Anonymous said...


~Sharon W.

Tracy said...

Love it!! I have not let my six year old learn too much about the camera yet. She managed to delete over 200 pictures from mine at one point. My two older girls have gotten their hands on the camera, and I get some pictures just like yours! I figure they will really enjoy seeing them when they are grown and laughing at the toys they used to have.

tali said...

She takes better self portraits than most adults!

Are the dolls in the first picture under arrest for something?

From the Kitchen said...

Thanks to you, like Nalla's mom, for sharing your beautiful Rylee Jayne with the world! I've known several wonderful people with Down's Syndrome. One is a bagger at my local grocery story. I'm always disappointed when he isn't in my line. He has the most pleasant and gracious outlook on life. His parents have recently moved him into a group-type situation where he shares a two-bedroom apartment with another young man. He is blossoming in that environment and will do well. He is a tribute to positive parenting, parenting without limitations.

Kristine said...

Too funny!

Thanks for the info on changing fonts...seems like a long process, geesh!

Anonymous said...

she has her mother's talent!

Anonymous said...

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