Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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We talk a lot about going to Kindergarten. Because Carter and I take Rylee to school each day, the conversation of when he will get to go is a natural one.

Me: "Carter, when you are five, you will get to go to Kindergarten."

Carter: "I no like Kin-e-gah-tin. I say wif you, Mom."

Me: "Kindergarten is lots of fun! Rylee loves seeing her friends each day and learning new things!"

Carter: "I no like Kin-e-gah-tin. I say wif you, Mom."

Me: Subject dropped. No use in trying to talk him into all the fun that Kindergarten will offer him. And no reason to mention that this fall, he will be going to preschool. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. Hopefully by then he'll be sick of me and will want to go.

And now... a few days ago, Rylee came home from school and mentioned that she watched a dinosaur movie. Our conversation that day went something like this:

Rylee: "Dinosaur movie! School!"

Me: "You got to watch a dinosaur movie?! Wow!"

Carter: "Wah-wee! (Rylee) You watched a dino-sah movie??!!!"

Rylee: "Yeah!!!"

Carter: "Did you watch Toy Story, too?"

Rylee: (giggling) "No!"

Me: "I don't think they watched Toy Story, Carter. They probably watched a dinosaur movie so they could learn about them. At school, you get to learn about lots of fun things -- like dinosaurs!"

Carter: "Mom... when I five, I go to Kin-e-gah-tin. I learn about Woody and Buzz! I watch Toy Story!"

So, I guess with the mention of possible movie viewings, he's reconsidering his position on attending Kindergarten.