Fall 2012

Fall 2012
[learning to live a perfectly imperfect life]

A Conversation Among Little Ones

So this is what it sounds like at our house these days....

Carter: "AAHHHHHHHH!!"  (loud sound, not aimed at anyone in particular, but basically everyone who has the ability to hear... not out of anger or fit, but just out of the love of hearing oneself make very loud noises)

Rylee:  sniffles and a huge pouty lip and teary eyes, verging on an all-out downpour of tears (not a fan of loud noises, especially if she isn't the one making the loud noise)

Carter:  "Sa-wee" (sorry... said with the least amount of meaning possible)

Rylee:  "Fank you!"  (thank you... said with inflection of such gratefulness as she wipes away her tears)

Carter: "Ma... Ma... sa-wee!"  (proclaiming his manners... being sure mom heard that he told Rylee he was sorry)


Rylee:  sniffles and a huge pouty lip and teary eyes, verging on an all-out downpour of tears

Carter: "Sa-wee"

Rylee: "Fank you!"

Carter: "Ma... Ma... sa-wee!"

And so it goes...

Let The Learning Begin....

I've had a blog in my head for many months now.  But, of course, signing up with Blogger and clicking "done" would be too easy.... to "everyone else."  Instead, I have to mull it over -- think about how I want it to look, what I want it to say, and because I don't think it's just right, the blog sits.  It sits and captures no memories.  No thoughts.  Then one day, I get back to it... thinking about which photo to use, how to begin.  Hmmm.  Not sure.  And so, again it sits.  

And so there it is... beginning my blog -- a blog I intend to use as a place to capture my life and the lessons I learn along the way, teaches me Lesson #1.  

It doesn't have to be perfect.  It can be imperfect.  

But, being the Type A personality that I am, can I say that it's "perfectly imperfect?"

Thank you.

So, here is my perfectly imperfect blog.

Each day, I realize how much I have learned, and how much there still is to learn.  

About life. (You'll never get everything done on your "to-do" list, so just put your list down and go play with your kids.)

About being a mom.  (Don't pour more milk in a cup than your willing to wipe up off the floor.)

A wife. (Don't forget to kiss him goodbye before he leaves for work, even if you're changing a diaper and unloading the dishwasher simultaneously.)

A sister. (Forget about being bossed around when you were 7... those very same qualities are what gets you the good advice you get today.)  

A daughter.  (Show appreciation for everything your parents do for you... you don't get an allowance anymore but all the other things they do for your family are priceless!)

A friend.  (Stay friends with those who don't mind hearing you yell "please get your pretzel out of your nose" when you're on the phone with them.... of course, they know you well enough to know you weren't directing it at them.)

A non-profit event planner.  (Don't assign volunteers you've never met to a position you can't afford to not have someone at... who knows if they're really gonna show up.)

A writer.  (Write in a way that makes people relate to you... you know, admit you sometimes throw in a DVD so you can go to the bathroom by yourself -- with the door shut.)

A photographer.  (When there isn't much light, bump up your ISO... but not too high or your photo will have noise... and be sure your shutter speed is low.... but not too low or you will get camera shake in your photo -- but if you are photographing a busy toddler forget all of that and just do whatever you have to do to get the child in the photo.)

I hope there are some people out there that are okay with perfectly imperfect.  

Because, really.... I'm just Learning As I Go.