Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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Letters from Rylee

I began writing "Letters from Rylee" because I know that Rylee has a lot to teach the world.
Click on letter to download pdf file... and pass her messages along to create more awareness!

(Please pass along letters in their entirety; all letters © 2008-2012 Carin Griffith)

I have been asked by parents if they can adapt these letters for their own child. I am flattered that people are interested, and definitely want to get the messages these letters send to as many people as possible. If you do adapt these letters, please include at the bottom of your letter: "Adapted with Permission © 2012 Carin Griffith, Disability Awareness Alliance, caringriffith.blogspot.com." I would love to see your letter as well, so please email me!

People-First Language 3/08

The "R" Word 8/08

You Don't Know Me 7/09

New Friends 8/09

New Friends 8/10

Letter to Classmates' Parents 8/11

Letter to Classmates' Parents 8/12