Fall 2012

Fall 2012
[learning to live a perfectly imperfect life]

Dear Daylight Savings Time,

I just wanted to quickly write to you, asking for a favor. I know that you have quite a bit of power with the universe... you know, your name is printed on every calendar twice throughout the year. When we get to a particular day in the fall, everyone immediately sets their clocks 1 hour behind and, just like magic, we gain an hour. Again, in the spring, we are reminded of your power, and we lose an hour. (Not that you needed an explanation of how that all works... I'm sure you're well aware -- in fact, much more so than me, who was never very interested in science. Sorry... no offense.)

So here's my favor: I'd like to ask you to add a few hours in each day. You know, to every day of the week. Every week. All year long. I honestly think it would be a very popular move, as many people I know would love more time.

And, as if that request wasn't a lot to ask, I'd like to ask that these few hours added to the day are not hours in which my children are awake. Though I love them dearly and enjoy most every second I spend with them, the tasks in which I would like to get done during these extra few hours are done more efficiently without children around. (Oh, and though I love my husband as well, could we possibly have something else for him to do? I wouldn't want to keep him at work another few hours, so can we come up with something that he could do that keeps him occupied -- and out of the house -- but that doesn't cost money?)

Oh... and one more thing. Can these hours be added to a time in my day in which I am not already exhausted? Say for instance you chose to add these few hours to my evening... well, though I would appreciate the gesture, it really isn't ideal. See, because by the time 8:30 or 9:00 pm rolls around, I am dragging. Done. Tired. Not sure when the best time would be, but I'm sure you can come up with something.

My lists (my "have-to-dos" as well as my "want-to-dos") just keeps getting longer and longer, the days just keep flying by, and I can't keep up. So, these extra hours would be much appreciated. Thanks!



Kelly P. said...

Is this a petition? Because I will SO SIGN!!!!! And I know I can find countless others. Maybe we could have a rally!

I agree with every single word you said. I could probably solve part of my problem by disconnecting myself from my beloved Google Reader but it's such a sweet end to my chaotic days-sigh.

You let me know if I need to head out in search of signatures for your petition. I will find the time to do so :)

Jeremy said...

I am the opposite. I just want a couple more hours of sleep!
Love you!

tali said...

Amen Carin! I hope the daylight savings time boss is listening.