Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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Drum Roll Please...

Remember our traditional 4th of July family photos?  Well, since that post, many of you have been on the edge of your computer chairs, just waiting for Family Photo 2009!   Okay, so no one has even once mentioned the anticipation of the photo...

It's difficult to find the perfect time for the photo. First, all 5 of us need to be together (kind of important that everyone is present for what we call a family photo.)   We all need to have our proper 4th of July attire washed and ready to go.  ("Jeremy, I thought you said your red Lucky-brand shirt was washed...")  

Next, we need to have someone else available for taking the photo.  Someone who, say, knows how to make me look 10 pounds thinner, make Jordyn's hair look perfect, talk Rylee into taking a picture without a baby doll, and convince Carter that his smile looks better without his paci.  Any show of hands?

And last, but certainly not least, we all need to be happy, smiley, and in a good mood.  Oh boy. At the same time?

Well, with the help of Jordyn's friend Emme (who took the picture) and the magic of PhotoShop (I'm not sharing my secrets here... for those of you who know the possibilities of PhotoShop, you may have some ideas) we have it!  So, drum roll please....

(insert drum roll here)

4th of July Family Photo 2009
actually taken in August

Not bad, huh?

And, to add to the fun of it all,  after much bribery  I got some individual photos of the kids.

These photos are very representative of the kids right now... Carter has a huge, genuine smile when Jeremy plays with him (Jeremy was "hiding" behind me when I was taking the picture.) He is also starting to make silly poses (tipping to the side, etc.) when I want him to smile. Rylee has the cutest little quirk of covering her mouth with her hand when she is laughing!  And Jordyn... well, there is only 1 picture of her because she only liked 1 (and I took at least 10...) Ahh... the teenage years.

So, Happy 10th  4th of August  July everyone!! 


Kristine said...

Love the pics!

Kelly P. said...

Now, now, if you check your original post I did, in fact, mention my anticipation of this year's photo :) I think it turned out fantastic-PhotoShop or not! You have a beautiful family. And I've yet to take our annual Father's Day photo so you're in better shape than I am!


SandyGM said...

Great photos!!! Nice bench! :)