Fall 2012

Fall 2012
[learning to live a perfectly imperfect life]


You buy a cute new backpack...

some fun Kindergarten school supplies, 

and colorful shoes you know won't be this white for long

but are you really ready?


You walk into the school on Open House evening,

even throwing a little bounce into your step, 

excited about meeting your teacher and seeing your classroom,

but are you really ready?


You peek through those glass school doors,

pull hard on that big heavy door,

and walk right in, excited about what's to come,

but are you really ready?


You walk down the hallway,

peer into the classroom,

and stop for one final smile as a preschooler,

but are you really ready?


You hang up your backpack,

meet your super-nice teacher,

(insert adorable picture of Rylee and her teacher here
that I didn't get taken because it was too hectic!)

and wander around the Kindergarten room, filled with toys and pictures and words and fun,

but are you really ready?


Rylee is, but I'm sure not.


Beverly said...

great photos! Hope she has a wonderful year!!!

Kristine said...

Aww, it'll be ok! I dread the day I take my Rylee to school (which is why I'm putting it off until next year, bwhaha!) Hope she had a fantastic day!

Jeremy ( Dad ) said...

I got all teary eyed and had to use the fast blink so I didnt look like a baby! Goes WAY to fast!

Claire Wise Photography said...

loved this post - and that 5th picture down? sweet perfection! love the bounce in her step :)

SandyGM said...

Awww man.. I gave up on the fast blink... needed kleenex. As Miley Cyrus says, "It ain't about how fast I get there...ain't about what's waitin' on the other side... it's the climb." Thanks for sharing "the climb" through blogging!! Love you all!