Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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And That's The Ballgame!

It was family fun at the softball diamonds this summer... getting dirty, chasing after the kids  eating sunflower seeds and popcorn, chasing after the kids   and cheering on Jordyn and her teammates on "The Brandon Crush."

The two shortest members of her fan club were decked out in shirts I made... okay, well I didn't actually make the shirts.  (I'm lucky to get a button sewn back on a shirt.)  But I sure can press an iron down over iron-on numbers and letters and count to 10.  (Gifted in so many areas, I tell ya.)  Rylee wore #8, which is Jordyn's number, and Carter's #13 was for Jordyn's best friend Emme. 

Here they are, watching Jordyn bat and snacking away on the ever-popular ball field snack of Cheddar Bunnies and Raisins.  (Peanuts and Cracker Jacks are so overrated...)

Jordyn always smiled when she heard the kids cheering for her during the games, and took time to accept hugs from the kids between innings.

The kids also loved cheering for Jordyn's friends.  Layne (center) and Emme (right) were favorites because they have stayed at our house many times.  Whenever we'd talk about going to a softball game, we would ask the kids who we would see.  Carter always rattled off the list... "Door-dee (Jordyn), Yay-n (Layne), Ah-meeee (Emme)..."

During the state tournament, the team played some of their best games, and Jordyn even pitched a no-hitter.  They wound up being eliminated in the Quarter Finals... placing 5th overall.  There were some great plays and exciting moments -- it was a great ending to a great season.

No matter what the score of the game was, we always left the ball fields dirty, tired, and proud of our family athlete!

Congrats on a great season, Jordyn!!