Fall 2012

Fall 2012
[learning to live a perfectly imperfect life]

What You Didn't See...

So, we got some great 4th of July images... you know, in August.

Well, what you didn't see was....

... Carter choosing to hide in the bushes instead of smile for me,

cover his face and scream,

and then put on his pouty face and walk away from me.

What you didn't see was Rylee holding her doll, assuming she could be in all the pictures,

and then look shocked to learn that I would like some pictures without her doll.

What you didn't see was my attempt at a picture of the two little kids together... the picture where Rylee wouldn't let go of her doll stroller, and nearly poked Carter's eye out with the stick she wouldn't put down.

And lastly, what you didn't see was the neat worn-looking bench my Aunt gave me for photo opportunities like this... the bench which now has chew marks on the arms because I accidentally left it in the yard with an unsupervised dog.  Not exactly the "neat worn-look" I was going for.

So, whenever you see pictures of smiling kids, just remember...

there are pictures that you didn't see.