Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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Download Rylee's Letters to Share

Rylee's Letters are now available for download from my blog!  Thanks to a friend named Renee  I've "met" in "Blogland", (who then turned around and asked her friend Rebecca... don't we love networking??!! Thanks you two!) I was able to post Rylee's Letters in a format you can download.... (and for those of you computer geniuses who know how to do this and are thinking, "She actually had to ask someone how to do that?"... my answer is, "Yes -- yes, I had to ask.")

Here again, you computer gurus can just go ahead and download the letters...  if you are one (like me) who would like directions, here ya go...  

1. Scroll down on the right hand side of this blog and you will see Rylee's Letters... just click on the letter you'd like to download, and it will take you to a file-sharing site.

2. You will see the name of the Rylee Letter -- just under the name, click "Download Now."  It will then say, "Your download link will appear in five seconds... four seconds..." and so on.  I'm not sure what the purpose of this is... maybe it is to create the feeling that you are watching a space shuttle launch.  Or maybe it's to build your anticipation of downloading this wonderful file.  Or maybe it's so you can go grab a Snickers while you wait. 

3. When the countdown is over, you will see "Click to download file."  Whoever chose this phrase must have been thinking about those of us lower on the computer-guru totem pole, because that is exactly what you do.  Amazing.

4. The file should download to wherever things download on your computer... and there you have them!  

Thanks for sharing Rylee's Letters... (please remember to share the letters in their entirety) and of course, I'd love to hear any ways in which her letters were shared!

Wow.  I used "shared" a lot in that last paragraph.  But I guess I've been refereeing a 5-year-old and 2-year-old lately, so I've been discussing "sharing" a lot around here!!

Thanks for helping create awareness!  Rylee thanks you, too.  Well, she's not able to thank you right this moment, because I try to teach our kids manners, and she's eating a pear from our pear tree.  So I'll say thanks for her.



Mommy to those Special Ks said...

But I had to ask too, so it's all good! LOL