Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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Hold the Fireworks, Please...

I wouldn't consider us to be any sort of Patriotic Poster Family.  I mean, don't get me wrong... we love living in the United States and everything. We try to teach our kids how to be respectful of our country (though I'm sorry about the time that Rylee was holding a little flag on a stick and she dropped it... I know flags aren't supposed to touch the ground.)  

Anyway, we enjoy the 4th of July, though we don't have any real traditions for the holiday.  We like setting off fireworks... well, I don't, actually.  Jeremy would like to, but I am not overly-thrilled about the "fire" part of the "works."  Having our kids involved in this tradition thrills me even less.  (I think I was traumatized as a child when my younger cousin was burned by a sparkler.)  

We really enjoy watching fireworks.  Well, Carter was asleep last year by the time it was dark, and Rylee isn't much for loud noises.  So, I guess just Jeremy and I like watching fireworks. Well, that is if we have not fallen asleep on the couch watching a movie when our neighbors begin their fireworks.

So, this all just proves my point that we are not exactly the Patriotic Poster Family.

However, being the type of person who takes photos on every holiday (you know, Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July, World Pancake Day, just like everyone else does, right?) we took a family picture on the 4th of July in 2004.  Jordyn was 9 and Rylee was 8 months old and I was thinner than I am now.


In 2005, we posed again... Jeremy and I were thrilled that our Patriotic shirts still fit us from the last year, and I had fun finding new shirts for the girls!  (Apparently when I was out buying the girls new shirts, I forgot to purchase "body-boosting hair gel"... I've never seen my hair so flat on top. Let's pretend it rained that day.) 


Hey, I think we now have a 4th of July tradition!  Forget the fireworks... let's just get new shirts and take a family picture!  So in 2006, that's just what we did!  (Well, except for Jeremy... his red shirt still fits! Way to go, hon!  Let's just pretend I got a new one just because it was on sale.)  So, break out my cheesy smile (I mean seriously... the only photo that both girls are looking and smiling has to be the one with my ridiculous smile?) and we have a family picture!


Yay!  Add Carter this year! (He was just 3 months old!  Jordyn is now 12 and Rylee is 3 1/2, just in case you're reading this when it's late and your addition skills are a bit fuzzy.)  I was giddy about finding a cute 4th of July onesie for Carter, and even more giddy that my shirt from last year still fit!  And as for Jeremy?  Well, there's something to be said about the quality of a red Lucky-brand t-shirt, I guess.  (And even more to be said about a guy who can wear the same shirt 4 years in a row!)  And for those of you with eagle-eyes and haven't just ditched my clothing commentary to glance through at the pictures Jordyn is now wearing the tank-top I wore in the 1st 2 pictures!


The pictures are getting tougher.  We have 2 little ones who struggle to sit still, and an older one who is starting to care about how her hair and make-up looks! (We're now at 13 years, 4 1/2 years, and 1 year!)  New shirts all around!  Oh, wait... maybe not.  Way to hang in there, red Lucky-brand t-shirt!  (Apparently when I was out on my shirt-buying venture this year, I stopped by for a VERY short haircut!) 


And for 2009?

We'll have to see what this year's photo brings... I've already bought new shirts for the little ones.  Jordyn assures me that she has about 20 red shirts to choose from (one of her school colors is red) and I think I have several options.  And as for Jeremy?  "Hon?  Can you be sure your red Lucky-brand t-shirt is washed?"


Kelly P. said...

Great pics~can't wait for the final 2009 shot!