Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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The Road to Rylee's Tonsillectomy - Part 3

Symptoms: Snoring -- worse than ever before!
Doctor's Recommendation: Sleep Study -- yes, again!
Course of Treatment: To Be Determined After Sleep Study... sound familiar?

We did get our wish of a less-stuffed-up winter!  In fact, we sold some of our stock in Kleenex, knowing it would drop without our weekly purchases.  However, March came, and things started to change.

Rylee began snoring worse than ever before.  She started sleeping more but complaining of being tired all the time.  (And she never before had verbalized that.)  She began eating less and showing signs of lethargy at home and at school.  The only way to determine what had changed was another... (gasp)... sleep study.  Really?  Seriously? There's got to be another way.

But, her doctors were still set on needing "sleep study proof" that a tonsillectomy was necessary.  No signs of sleep apnea meant that tonsils would stay.  If she even showed slight apnea, her ENT said he would then feel justified in taking her tonsils.  And, he said, while he was in there, he would make sure her adnoids hadn't grown back.  Um... what?  Adnoids can do that?  Well, that's extremely inconvenient.

So, we don't need to elaborate much on sleep study #2, which was done just after school let out in May.   It was pretty much as miserable as the 1st one. I began "gearing" her up for another "sleepover with mom" (much to my dismay.) Unfortunately, the word "sleepover" rang a bell... and not a pretty one, either.  (Poor girl... she'll get invited to a real friends' "sleepover" someday and never, ever want to go!)

Here is Rylee, with her head wrapped (again.)  She was unhappy (again) and kicked and cried (again) and we had to hold her down to get everything on her (again.)  She calmed down enough to have a snack and watch a little Care Bear movie... 

After finally getting her to sleep, the nurse finished getting her ready.  Unfortunately, she didn't stay asleep like she did during the 1st sleep study.  Her attempt at pulling wires off was a drowsy one, however, and she didn't succeed.  A few more stickers here... a few more wires there, and somehow I got her back to sleep.   Amazing what a shot of vodka will do to a 5-year-old.

Again, here's Rylee... experiencing a typical night's sleep?  Um... okay.

Waking up the next morning was, well, just as it was the first time... playing a movie (that's what Rylee's looking at in the picture!) and getting her un-attached as quickly as possible.  Then, it's "hit the road" time.  I couldn't get us out of there fast enough.

So, we all breathed a sign of relief (again) that the sleep study was over, and we waited for the results (again.)