Fall 2012

Fall 2012
[learning to live a perfectly imperfect life]

The Aftermath

Jeremy suggested the party.  I wasn't sure it would really all come together, and Jordyn wasn't sure if enough of her friends would be around to attend.  But, apparently, 727 texts later, she determined that yes, if she had the party on the 3rd of July, nearly 30 of her friends (boys and girls) would be able to come to destroy our yard  enjoy a 4th of July Party!

We hoped for sun.  Instead, we got rain.  And lots of it.  We saw it coming yesterday morning, so we spent some time cleaning up the garage so the kids could hang out there... 

But, apparently 14-year-olds don't care if it's raining.  

I don't have any pictures of the party.  The truth of the matter is that I hid inside.  When glancing out our windows to see 14-year-old boys chasing each other with fireworks in the pouring rain got to be too much for me, I headed to the basement with the little kids to hid there.  Jeremy stuck it out.  He and his brother supervised to be sure that our house didn't burn down (I guess I should be very thankful for the rain) that everyone behaved appropriately and that everyone kept their hands and lips to themselves.

We had only 1 injury... Jordyn somehow managed to get her part of her hand pinched between the springs on our trampoline (even though we have a safety net on it, and the springs are on the outside of the safety net... I guess Jordyn is just talented that way.)  And yes, she thoroughly enjoyed pitching in her softball tournament today with that fresh injury on her hand. Ouch!

I only had to (politely) holler at the kids once... they were utterly surprised that I was not thrilled with the idea of them lighting fireworks on our deck.  (Notice that didn't say off our deck... no, it was on our deck.)  I know.  I am so un-cool. 

I didn't hear of any other major blow-ups, but then again, I was hiding inside.

This morning, things were a soggy, wet mess.  Jeremy swept the driveway just enough to get his car out to take Jordyn to her softball tournament.  Here's the pile... a mess of wet grass, firework remnants, plastic wrappers, and pop cans...

Consumed: 30 hot dogs, 34 hot dog buns (either kids like to eat plain 'ole buns, or several landed on the dirty, wet garage floor in the chaos of the party... I am leaning toward the latter) 6 large bags of chips, 2 bags of large marshmallows, 9 Hershey bars, 1 box of Graham Crackers, and 72 cans of pop... (yes, that is 7-2... no typo)

All of that, and we still have an unopened bag of napkins.  

Note to self: Napkins unnecessary.  Apparently 14-year-olds wipe hands on pants & shirts, much like our 2-year-old.

Yes, that is someone's pair of sweatpants on the floor of the garage.  I'm hoping they had something else on under them.

We had bought some fireworks for the kids, but Jordyn also told her friends they could bring some of their own.  When it seemed as though the fireworks would never end, I told Jeremy to sneak out to the garage and bring in some of what we'd bought to hide from the kids.  We just wanted it to end!

Here's more of today's yard decorations.

The firepit survived... kind of.

Dear French's Mustard: I am sorry you were left stranded in the backyard last night. I'm not sure how you got there... the location in which we found you was hundreds of yards from the area of hot dog consumption. We apologize for the rain you endured overnight.  We look forward to seeing you (well, maybe not you, since we feel it's best that you get thrown away) at our next BBQ. Sincerely, The Griffiths

We gave the mess the day to dry up. After Jordyn plays her last softball game tomorrow in the tournament, she's spending time cleaning up.  Maybe she'll recruit some of her friends to come back to help.  All I know is... I'm hiding inside again.


Bethany said...

OMG that is hysterical! Looks like they had a great time though! Were there trash cans out for them, or did they just not see those? Seriously! LOL

Jeremy said...

At least they had fun in the mud!

tali said...

Wow. I would have been hiding in the house also! Your commentary makes the story though!!