Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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Updates on Rylee's Tonsillectomy

I posted a few updates on Facebook yesterday and today about Rylee's tonsillectomy... but suddenly realized that some of you aren't on Facebook (or aren't my "friends"... although you ARE my "friends," just not on Facebook!)

I'll definitely post more later (with pictures, of course... probably didn't even need to say that) about our couple of days in the hospital and our little trooper, Rylee, but for now, here are my Facebook updates to recap:

Yesterday (Tuesday) 1:30 pm
Quick update... all went well with Rylee's surgery. We're settled into the hospital now and she's enjoying a popsicle! She's 10 seconds from falling asleep! Thanks for everyone's thoughts! Please keep sending them... we hope we can keep her eating/drinking in the days ahead!

Yesterday (Tuesday) 6:50 pm
Things are still going well here at the hospital! Thanks for everyone's thoughtful comments!! Rylee is eating and drinking pretty well so far, and charming all the nurses with her personality! We're bribing with movies and anything else we can to keep her drinking! She isn't a fan of her IV, but we're distracting as much as we can!

Today (Wednesday) 8:30 am
Long night... Rylee wasn't IN pain at all, but was a bit of A pain!! She thought that water with FRESH ice every 1/2 hour sounded good, and wouldn't go back to sleep until she got it! She's up and walking around this morning, waiting for her breakfast. She requested chicken strips and french fries, but I talked her into eggs! Hope we're out of here later this morning!!

Today (Wednesday)... just a few minutes ago!
Home, exhausted, but doing well! Rylee and I got home around noon, and enjoyed some time with my Mom and Dad this afternoon. She's pretty tired (asking for ice all night long can do that to a girl!) so she took a nap and is already tucked in for the night! We're keeping up on pain meds, hoping all goes well as she heals! Thanks again for everyone's caring thoughts!! Off to bed myself!


Kelly P. said...

So I'm weeks behind, as per the usual, but I'm so glad to hear Rylee's recovering (is recovered?) from her surgery. Sounds like this has been quite the long ordeal based on your other posts on the topic. Praying the whole chapter comes to a close soon!

And I absolutely must not allow myself to be a part of Facebook. I already have a hard time reigning in my blog reading addiction!