Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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Maybe Blueberries Are the Trick...

Me: "Rylee, does your throat hurt?"

Rylee: "No."

Me: "Oh, good... that means the medicine you're taking like a big kid *ahem* is working!"

Carter: "Mom... my troat huh-ts, too!" (throat hurts)

Me: "Oh no! What should we do?"

Carter: "Go to dah-ter." (doctor)

Me: "What do you think he will give you for your sore throat?"

Carter: "Meh-cine."

Me: "What kind of medicine?  The kind Rylee has?"

Carter: "No.... boo-berries!"

Me: "Do you think blueberries will help your throat feel better."

Carter: "YEEEAAAAAAAH!" (Said very loudly, if you recall the post entitled "Can You Hear Me Now?")

I get Carter some blueberries, give him a chance to stuff 8 in his mouth at a time   eat some.

Me: "Carter, how does your throat feel now?"

Carter: "Bettaaaaaa!"(Better... said with a little smirk, followed by his adorable little giggle.)

Maybe doctors need to check into the healing powers of blueberries!


Jordyn said...

oh my gosh carin.. that is hilarious! typical carter :)

tali said...

What a character. And how can you say know when they give you that little grin?!? And I'm guessing blueberries are cheaper than the meds.