Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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Bye-Bye Tonsils

You know, if tonsils can be removed, did we really need to go through the extra step of developing them in the first place?

It's been a long journey to get to this point... one in which I will post about at a later time, but tomorrow Rylee is having a tonsillectomy.

Routine?  Well, I guess.  For most kids it is.  And we hope it is for Rylee, too.  However, with her health history and diagnosis, it can be a bit more risky.

We're headed in at 7:15 am, with a scheduled surgery at 9:00 am CST.  The surgery should go quickly, with an hour or so spent in recovery, and then we head to the Pediatric Unit of the hospital where we'll stay overnight tomorrow night.  If... I mean when all goes well, we plan to be home sometime on Wednesday.

If you happen to have a few spare thoughts or prayers, we'd be thankful to have them!  

Oh, and since no post is complete without a picture, here's one for ya.  My Mom came up today to spend a few days here (she'll be staying here with Carter while we're at the hospital) and she snapped a picture of me with the little ones.  Yes, that's me... I know I'm usually "heard but not seen" here on my blog, but here's proof that I do indeed exist.  

And so do 2 very adorable little kids, if I do say so myself.


tali said...

I've been thinking about Riley today. She has been a fighter from day 1 - here's to a speedy recovery from those tonsils being gone!

Kelly said...

Praying for all of you today! Hopefully the whole event was smooth sailing and complication free. And, I definitely agree, those are 2 adorable little ones!


Kelly P. said...

Thinking of all of you again today. Praying recovery is going well!


Jeremy said...

Love this picture!