Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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What's In a Name?

Earlier this year, I shared Rylee's journey to name-writing.

Now, it's someone else's turn.


Carter started out loving crayons like most kids do...

February 2008
10 months old

He was actually more of a painting kind of guy...

July 2008
1 year 3 months

and no matter what (or where) he painted

June 2009
2 years 2 months

he enjoyed it!

June 2010
3 years 2 months

He did like showing his creativity in other ways,

June 2010
3 years 2 months

but it wasn't until this summer that he really embraced creativity with drawing & writing.

(gotta love the tongue)

June 2010
3 years 2 months

And though he still enjoys painting...

September 2010
3 years 5 months

these days he is all about WRITING!

After a very short-lived phase of tracing the letters in his name that I wrote, he took off.

(writing on Rylee's birthday card... upside down)

Now, if you ask him, he's got...

"a 'C'..... that one letter...... an 'r'...... a 't'....... an 'over, up and around'..... and an 'r'."

Sometimes the "t" sneaks in front of the 1st "r", and the "over, up and around" is often backward, but all the letters are there.

November 2010
3 years 7 months

And above those letters is a smiling, marker-covered little boy, proud to show off his name!