Fall 2012

Fall 2012
[learning to live a perfectly imperfect life]

Flashback Friday (Thanksgiving Edition)

Two years ago on Thanksgiving, we all gathered on the couch for a quick snapshot with our new family member. Zoe, our Puggle (beagle/pug mix) had just joined our family.

A sweet little puppy, almost 9 weeks old, sat contently in Jordyn's hand.

Thanksgiving 2008
Jordyn (13) Rylee (5) Carter (1) Zoe (8 weeks)

As photos were taken, there were "Awww, she's so cute!" and "Look at how she just cuddles right up to me!" to be heard.

Fast forward 2 years.

This time, as photos were taken, there were, "ZOE! NO!" and "She's getting hair all over my shirt!" and "She won't sit still!" to be heard.

But, determined to duplicate the moment we'd had 2 years earlier, I clicked away at my camera's shutter.

And this is what we got.

And finally, all smiles... and a death grip around the neck of a rambunctious dog by our 7 year old.

Thanksgiving 2010
Jordyn (15) Rylee (7) Carter (3) Zoe (2)

Let's do another one... (and this time, nothing with 4 legs please.)

"Mom, do you want Zoe to be in our photo with you?"

"Thanks anyway hon, but I'm good."

A few years ago, I would've been disappointed that I didn't get a photo of Zoe sitting all calm and cute, looking at the camera along with everyone else.

But I'm going for "perfectly imperfect" these days, remember?

And these "perfectly imperfect" moments are definitely ones in which I am thankful.