Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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Not In The Plans...

Dear Carter,

In May, I wrote you a letter about your paci.  Remember?  We talked about you growing up and getting to be such a big kid.  I said that we would keep your paci for times when you were getting ready for nap or bedtime - remember that?  Then, when you got even bigger, you would realize that you didn't even need it at bedtime!  Hugs and kisses from Daddy, Rylee and me would be enough for you... is this ringing any bells for you?  So, we had a plan of sorts.  Don't you think?  Do you remember agreeing to the plan?

This, our little Buckaroo, was not part of the plan.



Monica Crumley said...

Hilarious! I guess that's as good of an answer to your letter as any :-) Good luck w/ that. Our daughters didn't give it up until they were 3 and 3 1/2 when they had to send them to Binky heaven.

tali said...

Carter is actually just practicing a theory in counseling called flooding. He'll overindulge in the pacis so that he'll get sick of them!! What a bright boy!