Fall 2012

Fall 2012
[learning to live a perfectly imperfect life]

Hold On One Second...

because I am in total awe of nature.

You know, I'd like to think that I was one that soaks in all of the wonders of nature around me. But, I'll be honest.  I'm really not. I like to be outside... in fact, I love our backyard and spend most summer days outside with the kids (you know, when I'm not going to the bathroom or blogging.)

But, it seems like just when I am taking in something beautiful -- pretty flowers (usually our neighbors and not ours), cool puffy clouds (I believe those are called cumulus clouds, and won't my former science teachers be proud) or an unusual insect (just ask my family what I caught outside and is now a family pet in an aquarium) -- I am often interrupted by something.  

Oh, say a child roaming out onto the road instead of staying on the driveway like we discuss 217 times a day.  (Really, shouldn't someone be watching the children instead of looking at bugs?) Or maybe I'll have to yell at Zoe for chewing on Carter's shoe... while it's still on his foot.  Or let's say I have to hurry and go inside and make supper (I said that in hypothetical terms, because if you know me at all I despise cooking, and "hurrying" inside to make supper is something you probably wouldn't find me doing.)

So, anyway, you get the point.  I don't often slow down to see all of the neat things in nature.

Until now.

Back in May, I took this picture of some blossoms on a tree in our yard.  I just thought they were pretty, and since I'm sure I already had my camera outside taking pictures of the kids, it was easy.  Snap.  There you have it.  A cool picture of some pretty blossoms. 

Now, fast-forward to a few days ago.  The kids and I were outside waiting for Jeremy to get home from work.  We love playing in the driveway (or on the road, if you're a 2- or 5-year-old that has been told not to) and anticipate hearing Dad's loud 17-year-old-high-school-male-like car speakers coming up the road.  We decided it would be nice to have a little snack (since, of course, it was 6:30 and I hadn't decided which type of cereal to serve for supper yet) while we waited.  One of our favorite snacks in August/September is pears.  From our pear tree.

So, the kids and I began picking a few pears (running inside to wash them first, of course... though they are as organic as you get since we don't spray our tree with anything -- free, organic pears -- what a bonus!)

As I was picking a pear, I flashed back to the picture I'd taken in May.  The same tree.  The blossoms.  Now pears.  The pears, not even closely resembling the blossoms.  "How on earth does this tree do that?" 

Even if you don't consider yourself "one with nature," aren't you in complete awe?  Seriously, it's amazing!!

Now, I was trying to soak in the moment.  Blossoms.  Now pears.  But, as usual, I was interrupted by little ones... Rylee had already gone inside and retrieved a little step-stool to use in picking pears, and Carter had taken a bite out of a pear that had fallen on the ground and was now infested with bugs.  (Okay, who is supposed to be watching these kids?)

So, as we waited for Dad, we picked pears.

And then we picked a few more to share with friends and neighbors.

And we enjoyed our little snack.

Even baby doll got a little taste... 

And when Dad got home, we gave hugs and went inside to finish up our pears and have cereal for supper.

But, before closing the garage door, I took one more glance at the pear tree.


I am in total awe of nature.