Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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Batter Up! Bump! Set! Spike!

So, we all know I'm not the greatest at sports.  Playing sports, that is.  Never was.  And I'm okay with that.  However, when I yelled, "Have fun on the field, girls!" onto the volleyball court, Jordyn was not okay with that.

We switched sports.  I know that it's volleyball now.  And I know that volleyball is played on a court... not a field.  In fact, I am well aware of that because I appreciate staying much cleaner at volleyball games than softball games.  But, can we cut me a little slack?  We switched sports overnight.  In fact, we switch back and forth between sports right now... volleyball games on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays... softball games ("fall" softball season) on Sundays.  So, is there any wonder I'm yelling "Spike!" at softball games and "Strike!" at volleyball games?

Unfortunately, volleyball season can't be quite the family affair that softball season is for us. Rylee, who is not a fan of loud noises, is... well... not a fan of loud noises.  And, if you've ever been to a volleyball game, they blow a buzzer.  And it's loud.  Very loud.  And startling.  And unpredictable.  (Okay, maybe it's predictable, but not to someone who is yelling softball terms onto the volleyball court.)

Carter, on the other hand, would probably be fine with the noise.  Except that it seems as though he would like to be with the parent that isn't going to the volleyball game.  I don't think it's because he doesn't want to go to the game.  I think it's simply that we're saying to him, "Carter, do you want to go with (insert parent who is going to the game here)?"  And he says "no."  Because, as those of you with 2-year-olds know, saying "no" is what you do when you're 2.

So, Jeremy and I try to switch off going to games.  Though we'd love for it to be a family event, I think both of us enjoy a little time alone.  Well, as alone as you are when you're at a volleyball game with a bunch of other people.  

I enjoy taking pictures without pausing to make requests such as, "Carter, please don't lick the ground -- I know there are sunflower seeds, but they have already been chewed on and spit out of someone else's mouth.  It's not polite.  Or sanitary." 

Or "Rylee, I love the dirt angels you are making on the field, but can you choose a field in which girls are not trying to play a softball game?"

I think Jeremy enjoys a game in which I am not making any requests of him either.  "Hon, can you please run after Rylee?  See her out in left field?  I have to go change Carter's diaper before it starts to leak... oh wait.  Too late.  Now, where are those extra shorts?"

Yes, I know requests at the volleyball court would be different.  But, until I convince the volleyball officials that the buzzer is much too loud, and that there must be another, much quieter way of signaling during a game, I guess we'll never know.

For now, here is our softball  volleyball star.  Jordyn is #5  #8 and pitcher   setter for her team.

Until Sunday.  Then she'll be setting  pitching for her team on the court  field.  

Is there any wonder I get a bit mixed up?