Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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Breakin' Up Growin' Up Is Hard To Do

Dear Carter, 

You're growing up, and the time will soon come, sweetie, when you'll have to say goodbye to your paci.  But, just as your paci has been there for you... to comfort you when you are tired or hurt, sad or disappointed... I will be there for you, too.  I love you so much.  Love, Mommy


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Ahhh welcome to my world! LOL Good luck!!!!

tali said...

I think we are more addicted to the Nuk than Beckett is.... dreading when we give it up! Good luck to all of you, you can do it!

Kelly P. said...

Such sweet photos. If he only knew what lie ahead in his future...

I agree with Tali. I was far more addicted to my children's pacifiers than they were. When I finally did kick them to the trash both kids were completely over it within 48 hours.

I wish you well with your upcoming mission. May you live long and pacifier free!


Cindy Groom-Harry said...

These are beautiful photos of beautiful Carter!!! And yes, the time is approaching... but just think, no more scouting missions for misplaced pacis! Love, Mom