Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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Flashback Friday - Carter's 2nd Birthday!

Okay, we're flashing back to another birthday I haven't posted about... Carter's 2nd Birthday last month!  

(And to the person who created "Flashback Friday," yes, I understand your intentions were to flashback more than a month... but I'm still trying to catch up!)

Carter's theme this year was Shrek.  The kids watch limited TV/movies, and what they do watch is carefully previewed and selected by yours truly unless I am not home and Jeremy plays something for them that is not on my pre-approved list.  Well, Shrek was one movie they watched once when I wasn't home and they fell in love with the big green ogre!  So, I had to decide to let it go... I had to overlook the fact that Shrek calls Donkey an a#* and Fiona kicks some guys in the forest.  (But I told Jeremy that if Rylee comes home with a note saying she called someone an a#* at school, Shrek is off the list!)

After finding a plastic Shrek figurine at a friend's house, Carter decided he was simply in awe of the guy.  Thank goodness my friend (thanks, Kris!) let us borrow him, and from that day on, Shrek and Carter were inseparable!  So, when it was birthday-party-theme-pickin'-time, it was an obvious choice!

Carter helped decorate with some window stickers, which he put on, pulled off, rearranged, and put back on the window at least 30 times before the party began.  (My apologies to Donkey, who eventually lost his tail, and Fiona, who somehow wound up on the floor and was stepped on throughout the party.)

Pretzels were a little pre-party snack... and Carter is showing HIS way of holding up 2 fingers for 2 years old!  (I mean, it really is a lot to ask of your thumb to hold down two other fingers all on its own.)

After our pre-party snack, a few pre-party pictures were in order...  (yes, we run our birthday parties much like the Super Bowl... they've got the pre-game, the game, and the post-game...)  

Big and little sis join the birthday boy...  (and the only reason I'm getting such a big smile from Rylee is that she knows the sooner we get pictures done, the sooner we bring out the cake and ice cream!)

And then I break out the party hats... 

Carter: "I like Shrek, Mom, but honestly -- are you kidding me with these Shrek ears?"

Rylee: "I will just smile slightly since I know that's what Mom wants me to do, but I really think this is cheesy."

Jordyn: "Oh, what the heck... I'll be a good sport about these Shrek ears and pray my friends never see this picture.  (Honestly, this picture shows the true spirit of Jordyn... what a trooper she is having 2 little siblings!)

Carter had fun opening presents -- he was a lot quicker this year than last, so he actually got to open many of his own.  (Last year, taking his time didn't allow him many opportunities... by the time he got 1 present opened, sister Rylee had opened 3 others for him!)

Okay, so do you remember the cake genius in my family?  Well, she came through for me, and I can't take much credit for the cake this year.  Even after 3 Shrek movies, a cake pan wasn't created for him.  (Not sure if the cake-pan-making-companies have a problem with ogres or what.)  So, here he is... and yes, the face, arms, and tummy are built up dimensionally with cake.  Yes, cake. But don't forget to check out the purple frosting stars... those were my speciality.

Carter was so cute when we were singing "Happy Birthday" to him... he got so shy and gave us these adorable little expressions, as if to say, "Oh golly gee, you guys... you don't have to sing to me!"

He was all for blowing out the candles.  We even lit them a second time so the fun would last a little longer.  (But no, Carter, that doesn't make you 4 years old... you can't grow up that fast.)

Okay, so where was I when the cake was being cut and pieces were being distributed??  OBVIOUSLY not around... Jeremy, the king of cake and frosting, gave our little guy the biggest, most gigantic piece of cake!  (Jeremy defended himself by saying that Carter, of course, needed to have the piece with Shrek's head on it, and being the big ogre that he is, it made for quite a large piece!)  Thank goodness Carter got full well before I had to be the bad guy and say enough was enough!!  So, here he is, planning his consumption.

Carter's birthday party was postponed due to lots of throwing up sickness at our house.  Because Mom and I had already made the cake, Shrek had to hang out in our freezer until everyone was better and the party could be rescheduled.  Well, I didn't realize that Shrek needed a bit more time to thaw than I gave him (due to his plump nature, I assume.)  So, when it was time to eat the cake, it was still rock hard  a bit firm, which made for some interesting cake-eating.

"Mom, my fork is stuck in my cake... what's a birthday boy to do?"

Shrek was still very yummy (not a comment I thought I'd ever make) and Carter had no problems enjoying his cake!!

So, my baby is 2 years old now. *Sigh*

Happy Birthday Carter!


Anonymous said...

Thats awesome! Love the pictures!

Kelly P. said...

The skills you people have in your DNA never cease to amaze me. How does one even begin to build up the body of an orge out of cake?!?!? I am beyond impressed.

That birthday boy could not be cuter if he tried. It looks like he had a fabulous time.


Cindy Groom-Harry said...

This is SO much fun, reliving that party! You captured PERFECT photos and your captions are HILARIOUS! I tell ya, this blog just keeps getting better and better! Thanks for the FUN!!!! Love, Mom