Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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Name This Photo!

I always seem to have a caption for my photos... even as I'm taking a photo I have a funny caption in mind! (Okay, so at least a caption that makes ME giggle!)  

But, now it's YOUR turn!  What caption to this photo makes YOU giggle?  

Click on "comment" and leave your caption idea!  I'd love to read them... maybe I'll even make it a little contest and pick my favorite!!  You know... a little game that some "big-time bloggers" do.  Maybe I'll be a "big-time blogger" someday.  Or maybe not.  But either way, this blogging thing is definitely fun.  

Okay, so you may be wondering... "Carin, I know that some of what you referred to as 'big-time bloggers' often have prizes for contests like this.  Are you giving away a prize for your first contest?"  

Very good question.  

I am giving away a 'Way-to-go-I-love-your-hilarious-caption-idea!'  (And who couldn't use a little pick-me-up like that?!)

Leave your caption in the comments!!

Be creative, and have fun being funny!


Cindy Groom-Harry said...

This is a tough one, without being obvious. I'll ask your Dad... he's much better at the clever one liners! Love, Mom

Louann Schmidt said...

How about: "Wait for me?"

tali said...

"Carter, don't make me chew through this door to get in. You know I can do it!"