Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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"I'll Take 'Dynamite Dads for $500' Alex"

When I met Jeremy, he was already a Dad.  Jordyn was 6 years old, and I got the chance to see what kind of Dad he was to her.  I fell in love with him... and we were married less than a year after we had met.  

Now, 7 years later, we have added 2 more kids to our family (oh, and a dog... we must not forget the dog) and I can say, without a doubt, that Jeremy becomes a better dad each and every day. 

Like many couples, we balance each other out and make a good team.  We've gotten through very trying times together as parents... heart surgeries and other tough medical obstacles, the   "Terrible Trying Twos", and those glorious pre-teen/teen years...  just when we think we may have parenting all figured out and the road will be smooth going forward, we run into another bump in the road.

It's then that we look at each other, and hold on tight.

I've captured many moments of Jeremy and the kids.  In going through years of photos, (back to when I began taking digital photos just after Rylee was born in 2003) I remembered.  Looking at the pictures took me right back to that moment... I could hear Rylee's laugh when Jeremy was tickling her; I could hear Jeremy playfully teasing Jordyn about boys at school; I could hear Carter asking Jeremy for his paci... oh, sorry, he really IS asking for his paci right now. Geesh, bedtime already?

Anyway, pictures are powerful.  Here are just a few of my favorite pictures - pictures that remind me just how 'Dynamite' a Dad Jeremy really is!!  

Happy Father's Day Hon!!

(And yes, if I had a dollar for every time I heard, "Geesh, does Carter sure look like his Dad or what??!!" I would be publishing this post from a computer on a yacht as Jeremy and I began our vacation abroad.)


The T21 Traveling Afghan Project said...

What a beautiful tribute! I love all the pictures!!!

tali said...

Awesome pictures! You take the pics, I'll do the video editing and we'll make a great project. =)

Kelly P. said...

Aww...the sweetness is almost too much to bear! I love how the dog gets his own shot with "Dad!"

And, I'd be right there with you on the yacht thing because my lil' man is the spitting image of his father as well. The members of Hubby's church worship team refer to him as "Mini Me."