Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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She Doesn't Get It From Me

Jordyn is deep in softball season -- she's playing for the Brandon Crush team again this year, and is enjoying every minute of it!  She pitches or plays 2nd base, has games a few evenings a week, and tournaments nearly every weekend this summer.  She's a great player and enjoys her teammates!  

Watching her play brings back memories from my days playing ball.  I wasn't the greatest -- definitely wasn't ever a candidate for MVP... I stood in the outfield, just waiting to get in on the action.   Actually, I was so nervous I was going to make a mistake for my team that every time the pitch was thrown, I held my breath, and every time the ball was hit, I was so thankful... that it wasn't to me!  I always felt bad for the person who got "out" (even on the other team) and I didn't really want someone to have to lose.  (Not exactly the competitive nature they're looking for in the sports world...)  So, I threw in my glove around... what, 6th or 7th grade?  So, needless to say, Jordyn didn't get her sports abilities from me.  Now wait a minute.  She couldn't have anyway... but we don't have time for a little "biological" lesson now.  Let's get to the pictures that show off the skills Jordyn didn't get from me.

Can't you tell that she's unbelievable?  See, I can say that... since she didn't get the skills from me. 

Now, Jeremy and I try to get to as many games/tournaments as possible.  This year, with the kids being another year older than last year (that's how that crazy addition works) it's been easier to take them to the games.  We still have the occasional fits of "I-want-to-run-out-on-the-field-and-hug-Jordyn" or "Mom-it's-really-fun-to-play-in-the-pile-of-nasty-chewed-up-and-spit-out-sunflower-seeds-over-here" (Yup... hand sanitizer is my friend.)  But for the most part they are definite Jordyn fans.  

"Rylee, did you see that Jordyn is up to bat?  Rylee?  Carter?  Hello?  Are you watching?  Jordyn's going to bat.  Oh fine... just keep counting your Teddy Grahams."

Really, they love going to Jordyn's games, and now that they have gotten to know some of Jordyn's friends (Jordyn has many sleepovers on the weekends) they have more than just Jordyn to cheer for!  They sure love their big sis (and all her friends!)

So, Jordyn, your Dad and I are proud of you and how hard you play... your teamwork, sportsmanship, and determination.  (And we're amazed at the skills you have... you know, the ones you didn't get from me.)


Cindy Groom-Harry said...

Yes, Jordyn is definitely gifted in sports... and she works hard to be good. (I confess that because I was less interested in sports - surprise, huh! - more interested in art, reading, writing, etc., that's what I spent time doing with you girls. So I confess, I was just as nervous about that ball making it to you in the outfield as you were... because neither your Dad or I had practiced much with you! But based on your ability with this blog, I'd say our priorities were pretty well placed. Love, Mom