Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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This Is What Happens...

We're back to inside entertainment this weekend, with chilly, rainy weather in our area.  It was a shock to our systems, as we've been enjoying life outside lately!  

We got out the Play-Dough today -- that seems to be a favorite of the kids'.  If you know me at all, you know that there is a bit of OCD in my personality.  Therefore, when it comes to Play-Dough, it seems logical that I would teach the kids to keep the colors separate... and of course, that the correctly-colored lid goes on the corresponding color Play-Dough.  I mean, really, if I don't teach them these important rules of life, who will?

So, is one surprised that, when leaving the kids unsupervised during Play-Dough time to make a quick run to the bathroom, I had to keep myself from hyperventilating when I came back to find this?

Okay, breathe.  Really, they are enjoying themselves.  They are being very creative and expressing themselves through the art of Play-Dough.  (I like to think this is true and not that they are just disobeying "Mom's OCD Rules of Proper Play-Dough-Playing Behavior.")

So, *sigh* I am giving this one up.  I will try not to separate the colors when the kids' aren't looking.  I will buy the kids new Play-Dough in a month when the colors all mixed together have become a yucky brownish green color (of which I don't have a lid to match.)

But, all I know is, when I get new Play-Dough, I'm not leaving them unsupervised -- not even to go to the bathroom!!


Kristine said...

My daughter always mixes the playdough immediately upon removal from their containers. At first, it made me crazy. Now I'm thrown off to see a solid colored piece of playdough, lol!

Kelly P. said...

My OCD tendencies may be worse than yours...I make homemade playdough for the kids and I only make ONE color at a time. Isn't that awful?? Although I like to think it stretches their imagination to make red snowmen and purple pumpkins. Okay, typing that sentence convicted me of my insanity. It may be time to seek outside help :)

Good luck with your next batch of play dough!


SandyGM said...

I'm dying here.. literally laughing uproariously!!! What a kill!! The only photo missing is the look on your face when you see the "diverse" play dough.

.... still laughing!! :)

Cindy Groom-Harry said...

I'm laughing along with Sandy. That photo says it all. In fact I didn't even have to read your write-up. I knew what it was going to say. HILARIOUS though it was!

However, Sandy should confess that she's really laughing about the fact that 50 years ago when I was the one who insisted on color segregated play dough, she was the driving me nuts by mixing it all up (and leaving the lids off so that it all dried up!!!!)... hmmmmm... maybe OCD is genetic! Love, Mom