Fall 2012

Fall 2012
[learning to live a perfectly imperfect life]

What Happened...

one year ago today?

Alright everyone... my very first contest! Please leave your guesses in the comments! Remember you don't have to be a registered user... just click "anonymous" (but be sure to put your name in the comments!) You may guess as many times as you want! I will have a prize for the first person who guesses correctly!

I may start giving hints if everyone starts getting way off track, (like guessing that the kids picked up their toys without being asked...)

If you have never commented on my blog, now's your chance!

Ready, set... GO!

Oh wait... and just because no post seems quite right without a few pictures, here are the kids. They aren't complaining about the weather (like many adults do)... they are simply enjoying what Mother Nature gives us!


Anonymous said...

I am guessing maybe Learning As I Go is one year old today????

Keep writing Carin--love this blog.

Sandy Stocklin Hook

Rachel said...

Did you start blogging about your wonderful life? We love seeing the snow and hearing all about your family. It is a little glimps as to what might come in our future:)

tali said...

Darn it, I'm too slow! I'm also going to guess today is the first anniversary of Learning As I Go. Wow, that went by really fast!!

Jeremy said...

You have some smart followers! They are quick! You need to make the next contest harder!

housemover said...

You started your blog - I really love to come here and read about the advenutres in your family

Bethany said...

You started your blog!