Fall 2012

Fall 2012
[learning to live a perfectly imperfect life]

Picture Imperfect

Daddy made a sledding hill, just the right size. Carefully-carved steps would lead the kids safely up the hill and to the top, where a platform would allow their sled to sit as they got on. The kids would giggle with anticipation, and Mommy would be there, ready to take pictures of huge smiles as they glided down the hill...

The kids would spend hours, sliding down and climbing up... sliding down and climbing up. Daddy would even jump on the sled behind them on a few runs, and Mommy would be capturing every minute of it.

Picture perfect.

* * * * *

The little boy did, in fact, climb the carefully-carved steps,

but chose not to sled. Throwing snow was much more fun.

The little girl did not come out to join in the snowy fun. She decided that she was a "watch-from-the-window" kind of girl.

So, the little boy played in the snow...

and tossed a few snowballs Mommy's way.

He decided that he would give the swings a try, even though the mounds of snow underneath made pumping his legs impossible.

Daddy pushed,

and the little boy giggled with anticipation of the next big push.

When the little girl saw that swinging was an option, despite the heaping snow piles, she got on her winter gear and headed out.

She gave the snow a little taste,

and laughed with rosey-red cheeks.

The little boy and little girl played on the snow pile,

and slid down on their tummies.

They smiled

and they laughed,

and when it was time to go in, Daddy was there to help them trudge through the deep snow...

and Mommy was there to capture every minute of it.

Picture imperfect.