Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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Life With An Extra Chromosome (Down Syndrome Awareness Month)

So am I the only one with a list of "Blog About..." ideas?

And if I'm not, am I the only one whose list is getting so long that I'm overwhelmed every time I sit down to blog?

• I owe you all a post about how Kindergarten is going for Rylee (many of you have asked.)

• I owe you all a post about the great success of our Buddy Walk last weekend (many of you have asked.)

• I owe you all a post about Rylee starting dance class (none of you have asked but I will share anyway because I have some pretty darn cute pictures.)

Even though I owe you all of these posts, I am not posting about these tonight.

Instead, I am posting about DOWN SYNDROME AWARENESS MONTH!

When I was 20 weeks pregnant... (now I know some people say "when WE were 20 weeks pregnant..." you know, just to give a little credit to the husband -- but let's face it -- he wasn't the one that threw up for 7 months, got really chubby and had ankles swell the size of tires) we found out that Rylee would have Down syndrome.

We didn't know then, as much as we know now, that Rylee was born to change the world.

Years from now, when our family and friends can say the world is a better place because she was here, then she will have succeeded.

Sounds like a pretty good definition of success to me.

Rylee Jayne Griffith, just minutes old


Proud dad said...

Fast blink!

Anonymous said...

Great post Carin. I love reading what you write--keep it up. Partners was so lucky to have you and thanks for all your support.

Beverly said...

oh she is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

beautiful photo!!!
Jen Heiderscheidt