Fall 2012

Fall 2012
[learning to live a perfectly imperfect life]

Change... and Muscles

Change is so bittersweet.

I had tears the last day of school for both kids, wishing we could stay with the wonderful teachers they'd had all year, but knowing that the kids had learned so much and were ready to move on.  And I know that more wonderful teachers are waiting for them.  Bittersweet.

Then you have the less momentous change, but change none-the-less. 

I open Blogger to find that revisions have been made.  "Posting in Blogger is more wonderful than before!" they claim.  Well, that's just great, and boy am I ever excited to find out about the "wonderful" changes they have made, but really, I'd just like to find where I click to post a new entry.  See... bittersweet.

* * * * *

Summer is here for our family, and we've already had some fun adventures!  My "Blog About..." list continues to grow, and (sadly) includes "Rylee's 8th Birthday" (from November), as well as all the fun events and holidays since then.  I hope to recap some of the highlights in more blog posts in the near future...

for now, I'll leave you with this strong, handsome little boy who is very into showing everyone (and anyone) his muscles! (And please don't tell him I called him "little"... it doesn't go over well with this FIVE year old!)