Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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Right Where You Belong

Antonio's picture.

It's still on the Reece's Rainbow website.

Which means he's still overseas, in an orphanage... waiting for a Mom and Dad.

But, his picture is on a different page on the website.

"My Family Found Me."

That's the page.

The Gibson family of OshKosh, WI is working on bringing Antonio home.


And do you want to know what's ironic about the story of this little boy?
This little boy that's been on our minds and hearts (and Christmas tree) for 2 years?

They will be renaming him Carter.

* heart smile*

(Though I think in our minds he will always been Antonio!)

So, Antonio... you will always hold a special place in our hearts.

But you're picture won't be on a 2012 Reece's Rainbow Christmas Ornament on our tree next year.

You'll be at home, with your Mom and Dad, opening presents under your Christmas tree.

Right where you belong.


Ashley said...

Carin - OVERWHELMED!! God is sooo good. This totally amazes me - thank you SO much for sharing. I can't believe the number of people who have shared stories about loving our little man before we could. THANK YOU for your obedience - we are so richly blessed!! And most of all, Antonio thanks you...for helping him 'buy' a family :)

Kim said...

He is adorable! My husband and I are scheduling our homestudy as I type to adopt a child through Reece's Rainbow. I'm so excited to get her home! Your family is precious!