Fall 2012

Fall 2012
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Taken Care

After posting about Rylee's love of babies, I got to thinking about everything Rylee has done for her babies.

She's taught babies how to go potty on the toilet...

February 2008

and shared kisses and cuddles.

February 2009

She's smiled and posed for photos with them...

May 2008

April 2009

and made sure they were smiling and posing right along side her.

March 2010

August 2009

She's played with them,

April 2010

June 2010

kept them clean,

June 2010

and included them in the summer fun of a movie at the drive-in.

May 2010

She's read to them,

July 2010

laughed with them,

August 2009

and always kept them safe.

July 2010

July 2010

Yes, Rylee has done a lot for her babies. But in turn, her babies have done a lot for her.

Baby Megan accompanied Rylee to her sleep study so she wasn't lonely.

May 2009

She let Rylee do an echo on her heart so Rylee would feel comfortable at her annual cardiology appointment,

June 2010

and she held Rylee's hand at her eye exam.

July 2010

Yes, Rylee has always taken care of her babies,

July 2009

but, without Rylee even knowing, her babies have always taken care of her.

(Note: Most of the photos are of Rylee and her doll, Megan. Actually, I should say my doll, Megan, as she was mine when I was a little girl! I have such a warm, reminiscent feeling when I see Rylee playing with her! Rylee does a great job taking care of Megan... however, I do think that Megan wore clothes more often when I was her Mom!)


Stephanie said...

LOVE this post! Rylee is a beautiful little girl! I can imagine her and my Megan being good friends! Thanks for sharing!!! You take beautiful pictures!