Fall 2012

Fall 2012
[learning to live a perfectly imperfect life]


I love it when we're playing Hide-and-Seek, and he counts, "One... two... three... four... five... six... seven... eight... nine... ten... eleventeen... twelveteen... thirteen....."

I love it when we're in the car and I spontaneously hear, "Mom? I love you."

I love when I pull up to school to drop her off, she has several friends who spot our car and run up to the sidewalk, saying "Rylee! Rylee!" and give her hugs when she gets out.

I love when she draws me pictures and gives them to me... and then takes them back and tells me she changed her mind and they're really for Dad.

I love when he and I are at Wal-mart and he asks for a sticker from the nice lady at the door... he always asks if he can have another one to give Rylee when she comes home from school.

I love it when he tries to look mad, but can't keep a smile from sneaking onto his face.

I love it when we play Hide-and-Seek and I say, "Hmmm... I wonder where Rylee is!" as I'm looking... and she shouts, "Mom! I'm here in the closet!"

I love it when we're at the store and she tells all the people in the aisle we're in what we're shopping for.

I love when he watches Go, Diego, Go! and then spends the next few hours making up Spanish words for things.

I love it that some nights he wants me to sleep in his bed with him, and that he makes up cute little reasons why I should, like "the back of my legs hurt, and I think they would feel better if you slept with me."

I love it when she laughs so hard that her eyes tear up.

I love when she lines her baby dolls and stuffed animals up on her bed along the wall and reads to them.

* * * * *

I love to think about Valentine's Day, seven years ago, when Jeremy and I flew home from the Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan where Rylee had her open-heart surgery.

Rylee, the day before surgery - January 2004

I love thinking about the time Jeremy and I had together during Rylee's hospital stay... and though there were super-tough moments, there were also really great moments of seeing Rylee heal and eating Wendy's frosties at all hours of the night.

Rylee, a few hours after open-heart surgery - January 2004

I love thinking about the time we had together, holding and kissing and hugging and singing as she healed.

Recovering from surgery - February 2004

I love thinking about her increased energy after her heart was repaired... her smiles came more frequently and her giggles weren't as tiring for her.

Home with a healthy heart! - February 2004

I love that today, her body can handle the "moderate heart valve leakage"/heart murmur and that we only do annual check-ups with cardiology.

And I love all the doctors and nurses who cared for Rylee, and who helped make it possible for her to be here with us today!

Lots to love...

Happy Heart Day!