Fall 2012

Fall 2012
[learning to live a perfectly imperfect life]

A New Beginning

A new year.

A new beginning.

The time when you can start all over.

You start making your bed each day.

You begin writing more neatly in your brand new day planner.

You make each meal with thought, and if you had a chart of the 5 food groups on your wall, you could proudly check off each group every single meal.

You vow to show more patience, and when it takes your 3-year-old 15 minutes to put on his (velcro) shoes, you smile and praise him.

You commit to yourself that every day your son has preschool, you will head to the gym and spend the time getting skinny healthy.

But by February, you'll have your decorative bed pillows back in their permanent home (in the closet) and you'll already have 5 things messily scribbled out in your day planner.

By March, you'll have served a handful of meals that consisted of frozen pizzas or frozen chicken nuggets... and nothing else.

In April, you'll find yourself sighing and muttering "Please hurry up!" to your kids when they take way more time than necessary to put on their seat belts.

And in May February, you'll have already talked yourself out of going to the gym "just this one time" because you really need to return some things to Target and need to get the oil changed in your car, and it's just easier to do some things without kids with you.

Intentions were there... and they were good.

Life just got in the way!