Fall 2012

Fall 2012
[learning to live a perfectly imperfect life]

Is It Something I Said?

"Please don't lick the mirror."

"Why is there cereal in Zoe's dog dish?"

"Please put that back. Lipstick is for Mommies to wear on their lips -- it's not for your cheeks."

"We don't eat cotton balls.... well, then go brush your teeth."

"Is that mascara on your lips?"

"Please get Buzz Lightyear out of the floor vent."

"Dogs don't need lotion. Did you try to put some on her through the kennel door?"

Please tell me you've heard yourself saying things like this.


Rachel said...

I say, "Don't lick that!" all the time, but the others are new and hilarious to us!

Terri said...

"Never drink anything you have been sitting in...." was a classic. My husband and I joked all the time about sentences we never envisioned ourselves saying!

Kristine said...

LOL!! Love it.